Tuesday January 25th, 2022

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Our Steering Group comprising CNOs has established this event for FREE education and knowledge-share to help all nursing staff. The events are an initiative by OBIX Middle East, a business with 25-years in healthcare and 33% of our staff RN status.

We invite you to be one of 60-chosen delegates on-site at the 3rd NLFME event at Arab Health 2022, on Tuesday January 25th, 2022

AFTERNOON SESSION: Lara C Aiken founded Thrive Leadership, and the afternoon workshops will look at 'Resilience & Radical Self-Care' for nurse leaders and how to draw that experience for the benefit of all staff

The NLFME steering group comprises 30-CNOs and advises the event on topics for discussion. The 1st event focused on mental health for nursing staff. The 2nd event looked at planning for staff and resources for post-pandemic recovery. In this 3rd event, we show by example the benefits when leaders foster a  'speak up, listen up, follow up' culture, and continue the theme of self-care for CNOs and all nursing staff.

MORNING SESSION: Dr Henrietta Hughes OBE was the National Guardian for the NHS in England, and established 'Freedom To Speak Up' in more than 400-NHS and independent healthcare sector organisations. The morning keynote is followed by 2-workshop sessions for all delegates to explore ideas raised.

FREE delegate places for Nursing Leaders in the GCC

The event normally has availability for 200-places, but is now limited to 60-places to adhere with all COVID regulations as set out by Dubai Government and the Dubai Health Authority.

Early registration is strongly recommended. The event takes place within the Arab Health 2022 event at the Ras Al Khaimah Conference Centre, on the 1st level above the show floor. 


The 30-CNOs on the Steering Group of the Nurse Leadership Forum represent many of the hospital groups of the UAE. It is the Steering Group who kindly guides the Forum on topics and speakers, and we are blessed to have their guidance.

Laura Aiken

CEO Thrive leadership

Schedule of Nurse Leadership Forum Middle East 

Tuesday 25th January, 2022




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Speak Up, Listen Up, Follow Up


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"Such an important forum for leadership in the region to gather, share experiences, and discuss issues with other leaders. We can feel we're part of one large team of nurse leaders."

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Chief Nursing Officer

The 3rd Nurse Leadership Forum Middle East takes place in the Ras Al Khaimah Rooms within Arab Health 2022 at the Dubai World Trade Centre

Dr Henrietta Hughes OBE

Senior Fellow of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management

Moderator, Presenter of The Business Breakfast

An initiative by OBIX Middle East

OBIX Perinatal Data has just celebrated 25-years in business and, with 33% of our 150-staff being nurses, we have always been committed to supporting nurses and nursing wherever we can add value. We set up a Steering Group in January 2020 to advise on how best to add value to the GCC nursing world, and the result was the Nurse Leadership Forum Middle East, now in its 3rd edition. We are blessed to be supported by CNOs from many of the leading hospitals in the region, and thank you all for your support.

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Ras Al Khaimah Room, DWTC



Workshop #1

Workshop #2

Speaking, listening, and barriers exercise

Improving Speak Up culture, visible leadership, communications and proactive engagement


Coffee break


Coffee break


Hosted by OBIX Middle East



Leading with resilience


Workshop #1

Deepening your understanding of stress


Tea break


Workshop #2

Strategies for building personal resilience and building resilient teams


Afternoon session wash-up


Valedictory words, thanks and final commitments from our 60-delegates to each other


Dr Henrietta Hughes OBE led the 'Freedom to Speak Up' initiative in England from 2016-2021 which was established up as a result of the Francis Public Inquiry to examine the causes of failings in care at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust between 2005 and 2009. The report made 290 recommendations, including:  

  • Openness, transparency and candour throughout the health care system (including a statutory duty of candour), fundamental standards for health care providers 
  • Improved support for compassionate caring and committed care and stronger health care leadership

Dr Hughes will describe some of the background leading to 'Freedom to Speak Up', the role, challenges and achievements of Freedom To Speak Up Guardians, discuss barriers to speaking up based on the experience of her team, the benefits and changes this has brought to the NHS in England, and explore with nurse leaders at NLFME the challenges and opportunities for similar thinking in the GCC region.


Appointed in July 2016 as the National Guardian for the NHS, a role she held for 5-years, Henrietta and the team grew 'Freedom to Speak Up' across more than 400 NHS and independent healthcare sector organisations in England. Freedom To Speak Up Guardians have handled more than 50,000-cases including themes related to patient safety and worker wellbeing with a view to making speaking up business as usual.  

Previously a Medical Director at NHS England, Dr Hughes continues her role as a GP in central London, was made a Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2019, honoured with an OBE in the Queen's New Year Honours list 2020, and was awarded Senior Fellowship of the Faculty of Medical Leadership and management in 2021 


Laura C Aiken is a consultant who partners with businesses on strategy and programming to build cultures of resilience.

Following the morning's keynote, workshop and lunch, Laura will lead a further series of workshops showing how to:

  • Develop the 3-zone model of the stress response
  • Discuss practical ways to regulate away from stress for leaders and their team members
  • Build strategies for developing, sustaining and retaining resilient teams

A registered yoga and meditation teacher, Laura works with groups in complex organisations to bring mindfulness practices and integrated solutions to help people build lasting resilience, and will guide nurse leaders to some of the opportunities to build and support teams using these principles. 


The first 18-years of her life was spent in the United Arab Emirates, and Laura has close ties with the healthcare sector through her family, so understands the cultural balances needed in the region.

As an honours graduate in Chemical Engineering, Laura worked in the international corporate world over a 10-year career in the USA, Australia and the UK, and established Thrive Leadership to continue to explore the ideas for helping to support management and staff in complex organisations.

Working as an Engineer in a male-dominated world Laura ran projects to improve L&D and drive DEI best practices across a population of 4,000 engineers, facilitated resiliency training for a construction workforce of over 6,000 people, and led DEI programming including strategic planning, inclusive leadership, and ally action for over 50,000 employees as a business resource group leader. 


Brandy Scott is a well-known and high-profile stalwart of the business community across the Gulf region.

A long-term resident of the United Arab Emirates, she started her career on Gulf Business magazine, was Editor of the GCC's largest technology magazine during the tech-revolution, Features Editor for the launch of the Emirates 24/7 daily newspaper, filed reports across the region from Afghanistan to Egypt, and then moved into radio, becoming the co-host of The Business Breakfast on Dubai Eye 103.8fm.

As an anchor of the region's highest-valued radio station, with a daily audience of over 300,000-listeners to The Business Breakfast, Brandy has interviewed many of the best-known names in the regional government and business communities, as well as visiting Presidents, Prime Ministers and business leaders, including:

  • South Africa’s last apartheid-era President FW de Klerk
  • New York Mayor and Presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani 
  • Irish Premier Bertie Ahern 
  • New Zealand Premier Helen Clark
  • Tiger Woods 
  • Richard Branson
  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Nobel Prize winner Mohamed Younis
  • Disgraced trader Nick Leeson

Brandy Scott graduated 1st Class Hons in Multi-Media Journalism, and gained an MA in Creative Writing, which has led to being a published Author now on her 2nd book, the first having already been bought for TV and film rights. 

Brandy Scott is a long-time supporter of the Nurse Leadership Forum Middle East, having moderated the first 2-events online, which gained more than 2,500-registered attendees for the events in October 2020 and April 2021.

Brandy well understands the need for 'Chatham House rules' of this event, and all discussions in the event stay in the event.

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